Tubular Stockinette

Tubular stockinette is used as the first layer of a multi-layered compression bandage to provide protection to the skin, and are available in either standard or elastic varieties. (read more)

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  1. Alba Stockinette

    Close weave stockinette made of high-grade yarn. Learn More
  2. Alba Synthetic Stockinette

    Incredibly soft and durable. Made of 100% polyester Learn More
  3. Flexi-Tube Stockinette

    Flexi-Tube tubular stockinette is an open weave light weight gauze stockinette which provides protection to delicate skin and is an effective first layer of Lymphedema bandaging Learn More
  4. PolySoft Stockinette

    The PolySoft is a circular knit synthetic stockinette which is extremely soft against the skin, providing maximum patient comfort Learn More
  5. TG Jersey Cotton Stockinette

    TG Jersey Tubular Cotton Stockinette is a soft 100% cotton, close-weave seamlessly knitted tubular stockinette used as the first layer in Lymphedema bandaging to provide light padding and skin protection Learn More
  6. Tricofix

    BSN Tricofix is a lightweight, 100% cotton absorbent stockinette which may be used as the first layer of bandaging for treatment of Lymphedema and other chronic swellings Learn More

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