In treating Lymphedema, the use of compression bandaging is the main component of the initial "intensive" phase of complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", and is performed to reduce limb volume as part of a Lymphedema treatment program. (read more)

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  1. X-Span

    Wide mesh highly elastic tubular fixation bandage Learn More
  2. TG Soft

    TG® Soft is a very soft and comfortable terry cloth tubular bandage that provides flexible padding for any body contour and is especially well suited for use as the first layer in Lymphedema bandaging to provide light padding and skin protection Learn More
  3. TG Shape

    TG® Shape is an anatomically shaped, seamlessly knitted tubular bandage which provides light compression and comfortable, effective support Learn More
  4. TG Grip

    TG® Grip is a comfortable, skin-friendly elasticated tubular support bandage that easily adjusts to body contours to provide light compression and even distribution of external pressure Learn More
  5. TG Fix

    TG® Fix Tubular Net Bandage is a wide-meshed, highly elastic retention bandage useful for retention of all types of wound dressings Learn More
  6. Tensoshape Tubular Bandage

    Tensoshape is a pre-shaped elasticated tubular bandage suitable for light to medium support that exerts graduated compression to enhance patient comfort. Learn More
  7. Comperm LF PD

    Comperm PD LF is a 100% cotton-knit padded tubular bandage with an extra strip of foam to cushion bony areas, that maximizes support and minimizes constriction Learn More
  8. Comperm LF

    Provides uniform compression and support with minimal danger of constriction. Learn More

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