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Padding is an integral part of multi-layer compression bandaging and plays a key role in complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", which is performed to reduce limb volume as part of a Lymphedema treatment program. (read more)

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  1. Artiflex

    Artiflex is a non-woven, multi-purpose under padding bandage that is used to provide padding or gentle compression when used under short stretch compression bandages or as part of other venous edema applications

    Starting at: $3.25

  2. Non-Woven Padding

    The Non-Woven Padding bandage provides latex-free protection to delicate and traumatized skin, and may be used as a second layer for Lymphedema bandaging

    Starting at: $4.50

  3. Cellona

    Cellona synthetic padding provides a soft and protective under layer within a multi-layer compression bandage, helping to evenly distribute the gradient pressure of the bandages

    Starting at: $1.80

  4. Gentle Pad

    Gentle Padding is a nonwoven 100% polyester padding that is designed for maximum patient comfort

    Starting at: $3.20

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4 Item(s)