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  1. CureTape Punch Tape - 5cm x 5m

    The patented hole pattern of CureTape ® "punch" tape gives the tape a greater stretching capacity and a three-dimensional stretching direction arises, letting the tape stretch length-wise as well as diagonally. Learn More
  2. Sigvaris Athletic Recovery Socks

    Sigvaris Athletic Recovery Socks with gradient compression - designed to improve performance and recovery for athletes and active people worldwide Learn More
  3. CureTape - 5cm x 5m

    CureTape® is a top-quality, elastic cotton tape with a 100% acrylic adhesive backing and with elasticity that is similar to that of human skin with extensibility of 130% to 140% Learn More
  4. Springfield Clinic Arm Kit

    Complete arm bandaging kit for the treatment of Lymphedema. Includes products necessary to begin lymphatic treatment Learn More

  5. Shower Covers

    Shower Covers are made from light-weight materials and are specially designed for maximum flexibility and movement, while providing waterproof protection to underlying dressings, garments and other medical applications Learn More
  6. CureTape - Medical Taping Concept Book

    The Medical Taping Concept® book was written for physiotherapists, doctors, orthopedists, sports coaches and masseurs, as well as non-medical practitioners. The author aimed to provide the material in such a clear and concise manner that the book can be easily used as a text or reference book. Learn More

  7. CureTape - Lymph Taping Book

    This book covers the theoretical background of lymph taping in a concise and easily understandable form, explaining the technique of taping using anatomical-physiological and also pathophysiological explanation models in a way that trained lymph therapists will easily understand. The many case descriptions make this book a vital reference work for practitioners. Learn More

  8. CureTape Tape Dispenser

    The simple hardened plastic dispenser is an ideal way to keep your CureTape® clean and organized. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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