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  1. TG Shape

    TG® Shape is an anatomically shaped, seamlessly knitted tubular bandage which provides light compression and comfortable, effective support

    Starting at: $65.89

  2. Solaris We'a toes Swell spot

    The exclusive digit spacers offer comfort and compression for individual toes. Like a compression glove just for toes!
  3. Solaris Female Labia Swell Spot

    Labia swell spots feature a tapered design to enhance comfort while applying gentle compression and lower abdominal coverage to direct fluid away from genital area. Can be worn inside or over under garments
  4. Solaris Male Scrotum Swell Spot

    The Scrotum swell spot is designed to gently cradle the scrotum while applying gentle compression and lower abdominal coverage to direct fluid away from the genital area
  5. Solaris Lateral Bra Swell Spot

    Designed to tuck inside compression bra pockets or regular bra to reduce scarring and protect delicate areas from bra chest strap pressures
  6. Solaris LT Knee Shaper Swell Spot

    Use for knees or large elbows to pad bony prominences, diffuse bandaging pressures, and tissue induration. Helps contour and shape around knee and elbow while protecting delicate structures
  7. Solaris Ring Swell Spot with Velcro

    Designed to fill crevices at the ankle and wrist, and also effective at treating post-surgical scarring from hysterectomies. Features a Velcro closure and Velcro-receptive material
  8. Solaris Sweet Swell Spot

    One-sided non-skid surface to prevent repositioning during normal movement. Mimics the size and shape of a normal panty liner and is to be worn inside, over, or between under garments for maximum comfort. Addresses residual and transient pelvic floor swelling in pregnant and postpartum women, as well as perineum and labia swelling
  9. Solaris Tic-Tac Swell Spot

    Use under short stretch bandages or compression garments to address larger areas of fibrosis
    From: $20.99
  10. Solaris Versi-Face Swell Spot

    Designed to address swelling around the eyes. Also effective when placed under the chin, covering the neck, or rotated to cover mandible and cheeks
  11. Foam Bandage by Sun Glitz

    The Foam Bandage by Sun Glitz is a latex and adhesives free self-adherent bandage which is soft, pliable and patient friendly

    Starting at: $10.99

  12. Caresia Arm Bandage Liner

    Caresia Bandage Liners simplify complex multi-layered bandaging protocols by providing an alternative to foam liners, stockinette, and gauze.
  13. Solaris Crescent Swell Spot

    Place in skin folds for effective treatment in reducing maceration and odor, softening upper and lower lobules, and supporting lax abdominal tissue
    From: $18.99
  14. Solaris Reynolds Swell Spot

    Constructed with Velcro-receptive material that hooks to the spot and can be placed in multiple locations
  15. EZ roller

    Manually operated device for re-rolling bandages.
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Items 1 to 15 of 103 total