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Those who have had breast surgery or radiation therapy face an increased risk of developing Lymphedema, or perhaps may already suffer from the condition. Whether Lymphedema currently exists or if simply faced with a higher risk of later onset, selecting the proper compression bra to fit your needs is very important. (read more)

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  1. Anita Care Post-Operative Bra

    The Model 1198 Compression Bra is an economical choice for women suffering from chest wall edema or those requiring post-operative care after cosmetic breast surgery - part of the Anita Care line of medical compression garments
  2. WearEase Compression Bra

    A compression bra for post-surgical recovery and Lymphedema
    From: $99.99
  3. WearEase Crisscross Shaper

    A compression camisole that flatters
  4. WearEase Slimmer

    A compression camisole with a high cut neckline
  5. JoviPak® Bellisse® Compressure Comfort Bra Drain Pocket

    The Bellisse® drain pocket offers an easy and comfortable way to hold the drain in place and attaches to the inside distal edge of the Bellisse® Compressure Comfort® bra
  6. JoviPak® Bellisse® Compressure Comfort Bra Extender

    The Bellisse® extender easily attaches to the 3 position rear closure of the Bellisse® Compressure Comfort® Bra to provide extra width to the garment, helping to customize it’s size to ensure gentle, continuous compression and support to the chest and breast area

  7. Medigarb Breast Binder

    Compression Binder for chest wall edema.
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7 Item(s)