Compression Garments

Compression garments are a traditional mean of providing compression and support to help manage and treat various medical conditions ranging from Lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis ("DVT") and venous insufficiency, or simply for those who travel or stand on their feet for extended periods of time. A compression garment is usually worn during the secondary or "maintenance" phase of Lymphedema treatment after completion of complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT". Compression garments are made in a variety of lengths, sizes and colors, and are especially designed to fit the various anatomical structures of the body.

Compression garments are rated as to the amount of compression they apply, and it is important to choose the correct compression level that is required. Compression is measured in units referred to as millimeters of mercury or "mmHg", and should selected for treatment as follows.

  • Class 0: 15 - 20 mmHg – for those at risk for Lymphedema
  • Class I: 20 - 30 mmHg – for those at risk, or who have early or mild Lymphedema
  • Class II: 30 - 40 mmHg – for moderate or severe Lymphedema
  • Class III: 40 - 50 mmHg – for severe or hard to control Lymphedema

While compression garments may be difficult to don and take off, there are an array of donning and doffing aids which will help the patient to easily use them. Also be sure to protect your investment by using detergents that are specially formulated for compression garments.

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