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Compression Garments

Compression garments are a traditional mean of providing compression and support to help manage and treat various medical conditions ranging from Lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis ("DVT") and venous insufficiency, or simply for those who travel or stand on their feet for extended periods of time. (read more)

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  1. FarrowWrap® LITE Trim-To-Fit Footpiece

    A FarrowWrap short-stretch garment provides a wider range of compression than other traditional compression garments. Easy to use, it also provides steady and comfortable resting compression, as well as higher working compression when the wearer is active.
  2. FarrowWrap TG Soft Sock Liners

    The FarrowMed™ TG® Soft sock liners are meant to be used with any of the FarrowWrap® lower extremity compression wraps to provide a soft layer of protection for the skin
    From: $22.50
  3. Juzo® Basic Compression Gauntlet

    The Juzo Basic compression gauntlet - a great value for those who suffer from and need a preventative aid for hand edema
  4. Juzo® Soft Compression Gauntlet

    The 2000 series Juzo Soft compression gauntlet is made from the softest of Juzo’s fabrics to help comfortably manage mild to moderate Lymphedema
  5. Sigvaris Soft Opaque (840 Series) - Knee High

    Sigvaris Soft Opaque (840 series) - combining the look and feel of designer fashion with graduated compression which provides excellent therapeutic effectiveness
  6. Sigvaris Sheer Fashion (120 Series) - Knee High

    Sigvaris Sheer Fashion (120 series) - an incredible sheer design that provides relief from a range of common symptoms including tired, aching legs and swollen feet and ankles
  7. Doff N Donner

    The Doff N’ Donner is a unique and innovative device which allows patients to easily both, "doff and don" compression garments of all shapes, styles and compressions
  8. Juzo® Expert Compression Gauntlet

    The Juzo Expert compression gauntlet - a dense knit gauntlet which provides an excellent therapeutic effect and yet is comfortable for all day wear
  9. Medigarb Breast Binder

    Compression Binder for chest wall edema.
    From: $36.00
  10. Sigvaris Cotton (230 Series) - Knee High

    Sigvaris Cotton (230 series) - made from cotton to provide everyday wearing comfort for individuals with sensitive skin
    From: $63.96
  11. WearEase Compression Bra

    A compression bra for post-surgical recovery and Lymphedema
    From: $99.99
  12. WearEase Slimmer

    A compression camisole with a high cut neckline
  13. WearEase Crisscross Shaper

    A compression camisole that flatters
  14. Doff N Donner Donning Chute

    The Doff N’ Donner donning chute helps patients to easily "don" compression garments of all shapes, styles and compressions without bending over, when using the Doff N’ Donner donning aid
  15. Sigvaris EverSheer (780 Series) - Knee High

    Sigvaris EverSheer (780 series) - combining sheer fashionability and graduated compression therapy for excellent therapeutic effectiveness
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