Compression Garments

Compression garments are a traditional mean of providing compression and support to help manage and treat various medical conditions ranging from Lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis ("DVT") and venous insufficiency, or simply for those who travel or stand on their feet for extended periods of time. (read more)

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  1. Anita Bra

    Compression bra for after breast surgery. Learn More
  2. JoviPak Bellisse Compressure Comfort Bra

    The patented JoviPak Bellisse® Compressure Comfort Bra utilizes state-of-the-art fabrication and high-quality construction to apply gentle, continuous compression and support to the chest and breast area Learn More
  3. JoviPak Bellisse Pad

    The Bellisse® pad is a comfortable, foam-filled pad that conveniently fits in the inner pocket of the Bellisse® Compressure Comfort® bra and covers the affected breast completely, protecting sensitive tissue. It directs lymph flow around the torso and across the spine, toward the unaffected axilla. Learn More
  4. Juzo Expert Glove

    Juzo Expert Glove - a dense knit glove which provides an excellent therapeutic effect and yet is comfortable for all day wear Learn More
  5. Juzo Expert Glove - Vented

    The vented Juzo Expert Glove - a dense knit glove that cools and comforts while providing an excellent therapeutic effect to control hand swelling Learn More
  6. Medi Comfort Pantyhose

    Mediven Comfort - as the name implies, it is the most comfortable stocking in its class and is excellent for year-round wear Learn More
  7. Medi Forte Thigh High

    Mediven® Forte - the strongest round knit model available from Medi for managing lower extremity Lymphedema Learn More
  8. Medi Plus Pantyhose

    Discreet Medical Compression for Active Lifestyles Learn More
  9. Medi Sheer and Soft Pantyhose

    Mediven Sheer and Soft - the most transparent compression stocking offered by Medi USA Learn More
  10. Sigvaris Natural Rubber (500 Series) - Thigh High

    Sigvaris Natural Rubber (500 series) - recommended by physicians world-wide, it is the original Gold Standard for treating chronic venous conditions Learn More

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