Foams & Padding

Foams and padding are an integral part of compression bandaging and play a key role in complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", which is performed to reduce limb volume. Compression bandaging includes a second layer of padding which is placed over the initial layer of stockinette. This seconday "padding" layer will likely consist of a simple soft padding made of polyester, cotton, or light weight foam.

In cases of excess swelling or fibrosis, which is a hardened area under the skin, treatment may require the use of higher density or specialty foam to help break up the fibrotic tissue and return the skin to its normal softness.

  • Thicker and higher density or specialty channeling foams are useful in helping to treat fibrotic areas and provide additional padding .
  • In cases of heavy fibrosis and thick skin, a denser closed-cell or rubber foam may be required.
  • Several different swell spots and pads have been developed to help treat and manage areas of swelling which are particularly problematic or require unique localized pressure.

Which ever type of foam or padding is used, the goal is to create pressure and break up the areas of concentrated and stagnant protein-heavy lymph fluid to help create a softer skin area.

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