Foams & Padding

Foams and padding are an integral part of compression bandaging and play a key role in complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", which is performed to reduce limb volume. Compression bandaging includes a second layer of padding which is placed over the initial layer of stockinette. This seconday "padding" layer will likely consist of a simple soft padding made of polyester, cotton, or light weight foam.

In cases of excess swelling or fibrosis, which is a hardened area under the skin, treatment may require the use of higher density or specialty foam to help break up the fibrotic tissue and return the skin to its normal softness.

  • Thicker and higher density or specialty channeling foams are useful in helping to treat fibrotic areas and provide additional padding .
  • In cases of heavy fibrosis and thick skin, a denser closed-cell or rubber foam may be required.
  • Several different swell spots and pads have been developed to help treat and manage areas of swelling which are particularly problematic or require unique localized pressure.

Which ever type of foam or padding is used, the goal is to create pressure and break up the areas of concentrated and stagnant protein-heavy lymph fluid to help create a softer skin area.

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  1. JoviPak Abdominal Pad

    The abdominal pad is designed to address fibrosis across the abdomen or under an abdominal panus. It can be worn under day-time compression stockings, shorts or compression pump appliances. Learn More
  2. JoviPak Antecubital Fossa "Round" Pad

    The round slimline pad provides protection in the delicate antecubital fossa area. Useful in any area where fibrosis is a problem or added protection is essential. Learn More

  3. JoviPak Axilla Pad

    Created in response to a request from a breast surgeon looking for a "tapeless" solution immediately following axillary node dissection. The flat channeled pad is placed against the chest wall and held in place by the Bellisse Compression Comfort Bra Learn More
  4. JoviPak Bellisse Pad

    The Bellisse® pad is a comfortable, foam-filled pad that conveniently fits in the inner pocket of the Bellisse® Compressure Comfort® bra and covers the affected breast completely, protecting sensitive tissue. It directs lymph flow around the torso and across the spine, toward the unaffected axilla. Learn More
  5. JoviPak Cleavage Pad

    The cleavage pad is particularly useful under the Bellisse and mastectomy bras, when there is swelling between the breatss. It is also effective for scar management following open heart surgery Learn More
  6. JoviPak Crescent Pad

    The loose fill crescent shaped pads support lobules and separate skin-on-skin contact that commonly causes microbial infections. Positioning excess tissue into its normal anatomical position while under external compression, this pad is recommended for use during the reduction phases of Lymphedema treatment. Learn More
  7. JoviPak Dorsum Pad

    For use when additional pressure is needed over the dorsum of the hand. The finely shredded foam of the pad sinks down into the spaces between the metacarpals Learn More

  8. JoviPak Double Mastectomy Pad

    The double mastectomy pad treats both sides of the chest wall with one garment. A wrap-around pad, it is fastened in the front with Velcro. Learn More
  9. JoviPak Female Genital Pad

    Recommended for labial swelling or fibrosis. The anterior width is designed to cover a bikini-cut hysterectomy scar. The pad features a vertical continuous flow stitching pattern to direct lymph flow away from the pubis toward the axillar collection areas. Learn More
  10. JoviPak Inframammary Pad

    An elliptical shaped pad designed to extend from the serratus anterior to the xiphoid process. It provides gentle pressure along the inferior aspect of the affected breast when used under a compression or sports bra. Learn More
  11. JoviPak Kidney Pad

    The kidney-shaped pads have multiple placement applications for encouraging lymph drainage and softening fibrosis when used under short stretch bandages or compression garments. Particularly useful on the lateral chest wall at the axilla, the distal anterior knee or the inner thigh at the groin. Learn More
  12. JoviPak Lateral Breast Pad

    The lateral pad fits into the inside pocket of a compression or sports bra and covers the lateral aspect of the breast to help soften fibrotic areas of the breast. Learn More
  13. JoviPak Male Genital Pad

    Recommended for scrotal swelling or fibrosis. The pad features a vertical continuous flow stitching pattern to direct lymph flow away from the testicular area toward an alternate functional lymphatic pathway. Learn More
  14. JoviPak Maleolus Pad

    The malleolus pad is an effective option for regaining shape around the ankle, as the shredded foam settles into the anatomical indentations and equalizes pressure around the malleoli. Learn More

  15. JoviPak Mini Axilla Pad

    Developed for a researcher doing clinical trials on seromas, the mini Axilla is a loose-filled pad which featuries a small continuous flow extension. It is placed against the chest wall and held in place by a compression or sports bra. Learn More

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