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  1. Skin-Prep Spray 4oz

    Effective protection between the tape and the skin Learn More

  2. Protective Skin Barrier (50/Bx)

    Protective Dressing Provides skin protection from irritations caused by adhesives. Learn More

  3. Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling

    This book provides step-by-step methods and techniques in an easy to ready format of over 108 common and not so common applications Learn More

  4. Kinesio Taping Perfect Manual

    This book provides a series of step-by-step instructions which allows the practitioner to begin using Kinesio Taping to heal others with remarkable success Learn More

  5. Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics

    A manual specially written to cover conditions and treatment of children through various Kinesio-Taping methods Learn More

  6. Kinesio Pro Scissors

    Kinesio® Pro Scissors are specifically designed for use with Kinesio® Tex Tape and other sports-taping products Learn More

  7. Illustrated Kinesio Taping

    A manual covering the essentials, it provides a step-by-step approach to the Kinesio Taping Method, concentrating on the taping of muscles and joints Learn More

  8. CureTape Tape Dispenser

    The simple hardened plastic dispenser is an ideal way to keep your CureTape® clean and organized. Learn More

  9. CureTape - Medical Taping Concept Book

    The Medical Taping Concept® book was written for physiotherapists, doctors, orthopedists, sports coaches and masseurs, as well as non-medical practitioners. The author aimed to provide the material in such a clear and concise manner that the book can be easily used as a text or reference book. Learn More

  10. CureTape - Lymph Taping Book

    This book covers the theoretical background of lymph taping in a concise and easily understandable form, explaining the technique of taping using anatomical-physiological and also pathophysiological explanation models in a way that trained lymph therapists will easily understand. The many case descriptions make this book a vital reference work for practitioners. Learn More

  11. Clinical Therapeutic Applications

    A comprehensive book explaining the concepts theories and the newest applications of the Kinesio-Taping method Learn More

  12. Clinical Kinesio Taping DVD

    The Clincial Kinesio® Taping DVD introduces and explains the basic theory behind and application of proper Kinesio® Taping techniques in a simple step-by-step format Learn More

  13. Adhesive Remover Wipe (100/Bx)

    Reduces adhesive trauma to skin by dissolving the adhesive gently Learn More

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