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Designed to provide support for carpal tunnel syndrome

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Kinesio Pre-Cut Wrist Support is designed to provide support for carpal tunnel syndrome provide wrist support and alleviate associated pain. Each packet contains a single-use customizable set of tape strips and instructions. Each Wrist Support application comes with two black I-strips and one blue I-strip cut from genuine Kinesio Tex Tape Gold. 

The wrist is surrounded by a band of fibrous tissue that normally functions as a support for the joint. The tight space between this fibrous band and the wrist bone is called the carpal tunnel. Any condition that causes swelling or a change in position of the tissue within the carpal tunnel can cause tingling and numbness of the thumb index and the middle fingers -- a condition known as "carpal tunnel syndrome."
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist strains may keep you from performing simple hand movements such as brushing your hair or holding a fork. You may have trouble using your thumb while doing simple tasks such as opening a jar or using a screwdriver. To preserve or regain skills in typing video games or woodworking turn to Kinesio Dynamic Wrist Support.


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