Kinesiology-Sports Tape

Designed to mimic human skin, Kinesiology-sports tape has roughly the same thickness and inherent elastic properties of the skin, being able to stretch up to 140% of its regular length. However, the tapes’ adhesive backings create a lifting effect on the epidermis which results in improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. (read more)

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  1. Skin-Prep Spray 4oz

    Effective protection between the tape and the skin Learn More

  2. Protective Skin Barrier (50/Bx)

    Protective Dressing Provides skin protection from irritations caused by adhesives. Learn More

  3. Kinesio Tex Tape Gold

    Kinesio® Tex Tape Gold is made of 100% cotton and with new enhanced and patented Fingerprint [FP] technology, has elastic properties which allows the tape to work with the soft tissue of the body without restricting it Learn More
  4. Kinesio Tex Tape Classic

    Kinesio® Tex Tape Classic is the original "wave-pattern" adhesive therapeutic elastic tape made from high grade cotton for breathability and comfort Learn More
  5. CureTape - 5cm x 5m

    CureTape® is a top-quality, elastic cotton tape with a 100% acrylic adhesive backing. The elasticity of CureTape® is similar to that of human skin with extensibility of 130% to 140%.

    Learn More
  6. Adhesive Remover Wipe (100/Bx)

    Reduces adhesive trauma to skin by dissolving the adhesive gently Learn More

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