Kinesiology-Sports Tape

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  1. PerformTex Tape - Large Roll

    With its now patented twin groove pattern has made what some consider... Learn More
  2. Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling

    Common and not-so-common applications for Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling. Learn More

  3. Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics

    Fundamentals for taping Infants to Adolescents Learn More

  4. CureTape - Medical Taping Concept Book

    The Medical Taping Concept® book was written for physiotherapists, doctors, orthopedists, sports coaches and masseurs, as well as non-medical practitioners. The author aimed to provide the material in such a clear and concise manner that the book can be easily used as a text or reference book. Learn More

  5. CureTape - Lymph Taping Book

    This book covers the theoretical background of lymph taping in a concise and easily understandable form, explaining the technique of taping using anatomical-physiological and also pathophysiological explanation models in a way that trained lymph therapists will easily understand. The many case descriptions make this book a vital reference work for practitioners. Learn More

  6. Clinical Therapeutic Applications

    A comprehensive book explaining the concepts and theories. Learn More

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