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The Donning of a New Age!

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The Doff N’ Donner is a unique and innovative device which allows patients to easily both, "doff and don" compression garments of all shapes, styles and compressions

Inspired by a simple child’s toy, the Doff N’ Donner assistive device was designed for patient use to help both, take off ("doff") and put on ("don") compression garments of all shapes, styles and compression levels. Invented by a caregiver, the Doff N’ Donner employs a "pull" donning strategy, making it easier for patient self-use. The unique design of the Doff N’ Donner allows it to conform to the compression garment, rather than having the garment stretched to it, thereby greatly increasing the life of the garment. Once a garment is "loaded" onto the device, the Doff N’ Donner is simply rolled up the extremity, easily navigating body contours such as ankles and wrists, as well as freshly lotioned skin, wet limbs or other foams or paddings.

The Doff N’ Donner is available with the following different components:

The Donner:

    This is the device that rolls the garment both on and off of the limb. Compression garments can also be stored unrolled on the Donner for later use.

The Donning Cone:

    This is the device that "loads", or helps roll the compression garment onto the Donner. The base of the Donning Cone attaches to any clean flat surface using a suction cup.  Please note: The power of the suction cup may leave behind a ring when used on a stained finished surface.




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