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  1. Co-Wrap

    Co-Wrap is a light weight cohesive elastic that adheres to itself without the use of pins, clips or tape
  2. Econo-Wrap LF

    An economically priced, light weight standard grade all-purpose bandage that provides balanced stretch and compression
  3. Omnifix Retention Tape

    Omnifix Retention Tape is made from a soft, non-woven flexible fabric coated with a non-sensitizing latex-free synthetic adhesive and is ideal for patients with hypersensitive skin and a tendency toward skin allergies
  4. 480 LF

    480 LF is an orthopedic grade, latex-free reinforced elastic bandage which provides consistent compression and support
  5. LoPress

    LoPress® is a premium grade latex-free 100% cotton inelastic short stretch compression bandage used for management of acute and chronic Lymphedema, venous edema and other venous conditions
  6. Non-Woven Padding

    The Non-Woven Padding bandage provides latex-free protection to delicate and traumatized skin, and may be used as a second layer for Lymphedema bandaging
  7. Econo-Paste

    Able to stretch and conform easily to body contours, Econo-Paste® conforming zinc oxide paste bandages are ideal for when an ambulatory paste bandage application is needed
  8. Hydrofilm LF Transparent Film Dressing

    Hydrofilm® is a latex-free, conformable and vapor permeable transparent film dressing which provides an effective barrier to bacteria while wicking exudate away from the wound without sticking to the wound bad
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Items 16 to 23 of 23 total

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