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Originally established in 1993 to provide educational materials and to supply products and services to patients, therapists and hospitals for the treatment of Lymphedema, Bandages Plus has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading independent distributors of compression therapy supplies. (read more)

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  1. JoviPak Chin Strap

    The JoviPak chin strap was designed to address edema of the neck, mandible and the anterior and lateral aspects of the face. The open neck seam creates a pocket between the two layers of fabric which can accommodate a choice of padding. The Velcro straps at the back of the neck and top of the head can be adjusted to the desired comfort level, making the garment suitable for overnight wear.
    From: $144.00
  2. JoviPak Classic Arm Sleeve JoviJacket

    The JoviPak Classic arm sleeve "JoviJacket" is designed to be worn over the Classic arm sleeve as a substitute for short-stretch bandaging
  3. JoviPak Classic Arm Sleeve

    The original and most popular JoviPak product - it was designed to eliminate the need for cumbersom night-time bandaging for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients who suffer from Lymphedema
  4. JoviPak Dorsum Pad

    The JoviPak Dorsum pads are an excellent choice when additional pressure is needed over the dorsum of the hand - the finely shredded foam of the pad sinks down into the spaces between the metacarpals
  5. JoviPak Female Genital Pad

    Recommended for labial swelling or fibrosis. The anterior width is designed to cover a bikini-cut hysterectomy scar. The pad features a vertical continuous flow stitching pattern to direct lymph flow away from the pubis toward the axillar collection areas.
    From: $126.00
  6. JoviPak Male Genital Pad

    Recommended for scrotal swelling or fibrosis. The pad features a vertical continuous flow stitching pattern to direct lymph flow away from the testicular area toward an alternate functional lymphatic pathway.
    From: $168.00
  7. JoviPak Post Lumpectomy Pad

    Featuring a posterior extension, the post-lumpectomy pad addresses swelling or radiation fibrosis over the affected breast and serratus anterior. The pad covers the affected breast completely and extends to the spine.
  8. JoviPak Unilateral Post-Mastectomy Pad

    The unilateral post-mastectomy pad is for the mastectomy patient with chest wall edema or radiation fibrosis over the anterior chest wall and the serratus anterior, but having normal lymph drainage on the unaffected side.
  9. JoviPak Serratus Anterior Pad

    The serratus anterior pad directs lymph flow laterally down to the inquinals and posteriorly toward the spine. This pad fits into most mastectomy or standard bras.
  10. JoviPak Maleolus Pad

    The malleolus pad is an effective option for regaining shape around the ankle, as the shredded foam settles into the anatomical indentations and equalizes pressure around the malleoli.
  11. JoviPak Palm Pad

    The palm pad equalizes the pressure on the dorsum and helps maintain the proper functional arch of the hand under compression bandage or garment pressure
  12. JoviPak Popliteal Fossa "Oval" Pad

    The oval slimline pad provides protects the delicate popliteal fossa under compression bandages, garments or compression pump appliances. Useful in any area where fibrosis is a problem or added protection is essential.
  13. JoviPak Axilla Pad

    Created in response to a request from a breast surgeon looking for a "tapeless" solution immediately following axillary node dissection. The flat channeled pad is placed against the chest wall and held in place by the Bellisse Compression Comfort Bra
  14. JoviPak Lateral Breast Pad

    The lateral pad fits into the inside pocket of a compression or sports bra and covers the lateral aspect of the breast to help soften fibrotic areas of the breast.
  15. JoviPak Pitpak - Round

    JoviPak Pitpaks are versatile and easy to use with a simple, multi-purpose design allowing for placement and use in many areas
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