Originally established in 1993 to provide educational materials and to supply products and services to patients, therapists and hospitals for the treatment of Lymphedema, Bandages Plus has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading independent distributors of compression therapy supplies. (read more)

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  1. KompriBAND

    KompriBand is a light weight, 100% cotton short stretch bandage which provides compression as part of Lymphedema bandaging Learn More
  2. KT Darted Glove

    KT Darted glove for swelling in the hand. Learn More
  3. KT Modified Buckwheat Kidney

    Packs filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls Learn More
  4. KT Pocket Glove

    KT Pocket Glove for swelling of the hand with buckwheat dorsal pocket. Learn More
  5. KT Toeband 2cm x 3.5m

    KT Finger, Toe and Hand bands are light weight, yet durable fabric bandages, providing one-way stretch which results in medium compression during Lymphedema bandaging Learn More

  6. KT Uni Glove

    KT Uni glove provides gentle compression for edema in the hand. Learn More

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