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Originally established in 1993 to provide educational materials and to supply products and services to patients, therapists and hospitals for the treatment of Lymphedema, Bandages Plus has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading independent distributors of compression therapy supplies. (read more)

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  1. Adhesive Tape Remover Pads

    Dynarex adhesive tape removal pads help to gently remove medical and kinesiology-sports tape adhesive residue from the skin without resulting skin trauma

  2. Alba Stockinette

    Close weave stockinette made of high-grade yarn.

    Starting at: $10.99

  3. Alba Synthetic Stockinette

    Incredibly soft and durable. Made of 100% polyester

    Starting at: $17.99

  4. BioFreeze

    The cooling menthol formula of the BioFreeze family of products helps provide temporary, soothing pain relief from minor aches and pains associated with sore muscles, arthritis, strains and sprains, bruises and joint discomfort

    Starting at: $11.50

  5. C3-Post Op Shoe with Microban C3-Post Op Shoe with Microban

    C3-Post Op Shoe with Microban

    The C3™ Post-Operative Shoe with Microban® is an adjustable shoe for men and women which was designed for wear after soft tissue procedures or for general post-operative care
  6. Circaid Comfort Compression Anklet

    The Circaid Compression Anklet provides light compression to the foot and ankle

  7. Circaid Footless Leg Liners

    The Circaid® footless leg liners provide protection to the skin when used in combination with one of the Juxta line compression devices

    Starting at: $13.50

  8. Circaid Non-Slip Padding

    The Circaid non-slip padding is designed for everyday use to be worn directly against the skin underneath any of the Circaid Juxta compression garments to provided added comfort

    Starting at: $19.95

  9. Circaid Power Added Compression (PAC) Band

    The Circaid Power Added Compression "PAC" Band provides targeted compression to the arch of the foot and around the malleoli

    Starting at: $10.40

  10. Comprifore Multilayer System

    The new JOBST® Comprifore multilayer compression system contains all the components necessary to deliver effective compression for the treatment of venous leg ulcers

    Starting at: $16.75

  11. Cosmopore Island Dressing

    Cosmopore is a soft, 100% cotton absorbent adhesive dressing for superior wound management

    Starting at: $12.54

  12. Cover-Roll Stretch

    Cover-Roll Stretch is a cross-elastic non-woven adhesive bandage that provides light compression while delivering the same quality features as Cover-Roll

    Starting at: $10.99

  13. Crevice Collar

    The Crevice Collar assists professionals in managing the problematic creases and crevices that develop from lymphedema swelling.

    Starting at: $13.25

  14. CureTape - 5cm x 5m

    CureTape® is a top-quality, elastic cotton tape with a 100% acrylic adhesive backing and with elasticity that is similar to that of human skin with extensibility of 130% to 140%

    Starting at: $12.95

  15. CureTape Punch Tape - 5cm x 5m CureTape Punch Tape - 5cm x 5m

    CureTape Punch Tape - 5cm x 5m

    The patented hole pattern of CureTape ® "punch" tape gives the tape a greater stretching capacity and a three-dimensional stretching direction arises, letting the tape stretch length-wise as well as diagonally.

    Starting at: $12.95

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Items 1 to 15 of 82 total