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Being the Leader in compression therapy supplies, Bandages Plus continuously strives to offer the newest and most comprehensive product selection to help you achieve maximum therapeutic results. (read more)

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  1. Channel Foam (24" x 36" x 1/2")

    Channel Foam comes in 2 ft x 3 ft sheets which, like the flat sheets of therapeutic grey foam, can be custom cut for individual patients to create the right shape and size needed for incorporation into a multi-layer bandage application.
  2. Klose Training Self-Manual Lymph Drainage DVD

    Klose Training Self-Manual Lymph Drainage DVD
  3. Foam Pyramid Shapes

    The Bandages Plus Pyramid Foam pieces are uneven pieces of porous foam are a unique and innovative way to help soften fibrotic tissues during Lymphedema management
  4. Shower Covers

    Shower Covers are made from light-weight materials and are specially designed for maximum flexibility and movement, while providing waterproof protection to underlying dressings, garments and other medical applications
  5. C3-Post Op Shoe with Microban

    The C3™ Post-Operative Shoe with Microban® is an adjustable shoe for men and women which was designed for wear after soft tissue procedures or for general post-operative care
  6. Circaid Arm Reduction Kit

    The NEW and INNOVATIVE CircAid® Arm Reduction Kit provides the best possible care during the initial "intensive phase" of Lymphedema treatment
  7. Eclypse Wound Dressing

    The NEW Eclypse® non-adhesive super absorbent dressing is an excellent choice for managing Lymphorrhea and wound exudate while providing a moist wound healing environment
  8. CureTape Tape Dispenser

    The simple hardened plastic dispenser is an ideal way to keep your CureTape® clean and organized.
  9. Gentle Step Diabetic Shoe

    The Medicare approved Darco GentleStep™ diabetic shoe is an extra-depth shoe that was designed specifically for the needs of patients with diabetes
  10. Activon Tube Manuka Honey 9oz (Bx/12)

    The Activon Tube® of pure Manuka honey is the Natural choice for effective wound and odor management
  11. CureTape Punch Tape - 5cm x 5m

    The patented hole pattern of CureTape ® "punch" tape gives the tape a greater stretching capacity and a three-dimensional stretching direction arises, letting the tape stretch length-wise as well as diagonally.
  12. CircAid Measure-Up Custom Arm Sleeve

    The Circaid Measure-Up™ custom compression arm sleeve features inelastic bands that tighten around a soft, comfortable liner to provide advanced, assured gradient compression for night time maintenance of Lymphedema
  13. Medi Mondi Esprit Arm Sleeve

    Mediven® Mondi Esprit - the gentle ready-to-wear solution by Medi USA for arm Lymphedema
  14. Medi Mondi Esprit Glove

    Mediven® Mondi Esprit - the gentle ready-to-wear solution by Medi USA for hand and arm Lymphedema
  15. CureTape Accupressure Patches

    The CureTape® Cross-Patches help eliminate distortions in the energy pathways that run under the outer skin layer
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Items 1 to 15 of 56 total

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