Over the Counter Garments

Over the counter compression garments are an excellent choice for providing lighter compression and support to help prevent and guard against further progression of existing medical conditions such as spider veins, or simply for those who travel or stand on their feet for extended periods of time. These garments are also a great option for helping to prevent chafing and skin rashes, or for wear during and after exercise to help ease muscle stiffness and speed up recovery time.

Unlike stronger medically rated compression garments which may require a doctor’s prescription, over the counter compression garments may be purchased by anyone.

Some over the counter garments are anatomically designed to provide support to areas of the body which bear extra weight and loads, such as the lower back and joints. Others, such as the micro massage garments, provide light graduated compression and feature micro-massaging fabric that works with the body’s natural movement to gently massage the skin and stimulate circulation.

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