Because of the effect on the skin of Lymphedema itself, as well as the effects of treating Lymphedema with gradient compression, proper skin care is a crucial and important component of an overall Lymphedema treatment and management regimen. Maintaining healthy and well moisturized skin will help keep the tissues intact and prevent an environment that is susceptible to open wounds. Once started, even the smallest of wounds, if left untreated, can quickly become a very serious problem for those who suffer from Lymphedema.

Skin should be moisturized at least once daily by using a specially formulated moisturizing emollient which will help make the outer layer of skin softer and more pliable. There are several types of skin care products, including those that are made from all natural ingredients, to help keep skin moisturized and healthy. Off the shelf perfumed body lotions should be avoided as they may actually help dry the skin and make the condition worse. If skin is already dry or flaky, enzyme creams can be used to help repair severely dry or damaged skin.

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