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Sterile & Non-sterile Gauze

Gauze is a loose, openly woven surgical dressing made from bleached cotton that is used in a variety of wound care applications. Often used for wound dressings, bandages and absorbent sponges, gauze is available in a variety of forms, such as bulky gauze pads, rolls and sponges. (read more)

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  1. Curex Sterile Gauze Roll (2" x 4.1' )

    Curex Gauze Stretch Bandages are ideal for securing dressings, bandages and for providing mild compression or support
  2. Transelast Classic

    The Transelast® Classic close-weave conforming gauze bandage is a soft and comfortable, making it ideal for wrapping fingers and toes in Lymphedema bandaging as well as for dressing retention in wound care applications
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2 Item(s)