Wound Dressings

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  1. Combined ABD Pad 5" x 9" (20/Bx)

    A highly absorbent dressing with a soft outer facing that wicks moisture away into the cellulose core. Learn More

  2. Cosmopore Island Dressing

    An Island dressing for post-operative and minor wounds. Learn More
  3. Coverlet Bandaids

    Provides the combination of safety protection flexibility and selection. Box of 50. Learn More
  4. Cutimed Sorbact

    Wound Dressing that binds and removes microbes from infected wounds. Learn More
  5. Sorbalgon 4" x 4" (10/Box)

    Soft as the softest alginate but strong as the strongest wet or dry. Learn More

  6. Suprasorb A

    Made from crossed linked calcium alginate fibers and is very absorbent. Learn More
  7. Suprasorb F

    A micro-porous transparent film dressing for use on superficial wounds. Learn More
  8. Suprasorb G

    Amorphous moisturizing gel individually sealed and ready to use. Learn More
  9. Suprasorb H

    Twin-layered wound dressing made from a polyurethane film and an absorbent hydrocolloid layer. Learn More
  10. Telfa Clear 4" x 5" (25/Bx)

    Ideal for burns, skin grafts and donor sites. Can be used with a variety of ointments. Learn More

  11. Telfa Pads

    Used on its own to dress dry sutured wounds superficial cuts and abrasions. Learn More

11 Item(s)

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