Wound Care

Timely and effective wound care management is especially critical for those who suffer from Lymphedema. Even with the smallest of wounds, if left untreated, Lymphedema related wounds can quickly become a very serious problem. There are several additional issues that need to be considered when treating a wound that is present on a limb afflicted with Lymphedema:

  • Infection – Open or untreated wounds leave a wide-open entry path for invasive bacteria, which can dramatically increase the severity of the Lymphedema and lead to serious infections such as cellulitis, lymphangitis, as well as many others. It is important to keep the wound environment clean and protected by using gauze and wound dressings to cover and protect an open wound.
  • Lymphorrhea – An enzyme-rich, very caustic and destructive fluid that weeps from an open Lymphatic wound, causing further destruction of the surrounding skin tissue and is a major impediment to healing.
  • Swelling – In addition to managing a wound, compression bandages may be required to treat existing swelling of the limb. Several multi-layered compression systems are available which provide both wound management as well as gradient compression.

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