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Wound Care

Timely and effective wound care management is especially critical for those who suffer from Lymphedema. Even with the smallest of wounds, if left untreated, Lymphedema related wounds can quickly become a very serious problem. (read more)

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  1. Cutimed Siltec Adhesive Border Foam Dressing

    Cutimed® Siltec® is a super absorbent, silicone foam dressing with a gentle adhesive border that works even under pressure to provide superior fluid and wound management for low to highly exuding wounds
  2. Activon Tulle Dressing

    The Activon Tulle® wound dressing with pure Manuka honey is the Natural choice for effective wound and odor management
  3. Activon Tube Manuka Honey 9oz (Bx/12)

    The Activon Tube® of pure Manuka honey is the Natural choice for effective wound and odor management
  4. FlexiCol LF Hydrocolloid Dressing

    FlexiCol® is a latex-free, conformable and vapor permeable hydrocolloid dressing which provides excellent contact adhesion for quick and secure application while managing wound drainage through a combination of absorption and evaporation
  5. Elta Dermal Hydrogel

    Elta Dermal Hydrogel is a clear, colorless high viscosity glycerin-based hydrogel which helps maintain a moist wound-healing environment
  6. Suprasorb G

    Suprasorb® G is a moisturizing hydrogel wound dressing and amorphous gel for use on necrotic or dry wounds
  7. Cutisorb Ultra Super Absorbent Wound Dressing

    Cutisorb® Ultra combines an innovative 5-layer approach that works under pressure to provide superior absorption and exudate management for moderate to highly exuding wounds
  8. Eclypse Wound Dressing

    The NEW Eclypse® non-adhesive super absorbent dressing is an excellent choice for managing Lymphorrhea and wound exudate while providing a moist wound healing environment
  9. Hydrofilm LF Transparent Film Dressing

    Hydrofilm® is a latex-free, conformable and vapor permeable transparent film dressing which provides an effective barrier to bacteria while wicking exudate away from the wound without sticking to the wound bad
  10. Suprasorb F

    Suprasorb F is a micro-porous transparent film wound dressing for use on superficial wounds in the epithelialization phase or as a secondary dressing
  11. Cosmopore Island Dressing

    Cosmopore is a soft, 100% cotton absorbent adhesive dressing for superior wound management
  12. Telfa Pads

    Telfa™ Ouchless non-adherent wound dressings provide the perfect balance of non-adherence and exudate migration, making them an excellent choice for use as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds
  13. Coverlet Bandaids

    Coverlet bandages have protective 360 degree adhesive coverage around the island wound pad which seals off the wound from dirt and contamination
  14. Flexicon Sterile Gauze Rolls

    Flexicon® Sterile by Hartmann is a durable conforming stretch gauze bandage that securely holds dressings in place without slippage
  15. Kerlix Sterile Bulky Gauze

    Kerlix Sterile Bulky Gauze Bandages are made from pre-washed, fluff dried 100% cotton, woven with a unique "crinkle-weave" pattern to provide extra loft and bulkiness
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Items 16 to 30 of 53 total

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