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In treating Lymphedema, the use of compression bandaging is the main component of the initial "intensive" phase of complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", and is performed to reduce limb volume as part of a Lymphedema treatment program. (read more)

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  1. 480 LF

    480 LF is an orthopedic grade, latex-free reinforced elastic bandage which provides consistent compression and support
  2. EZe-Band LF

    An orthopedic grade bandage knitted from the finest quality of yarns with dual closure to provide maximum control and consistent compression
  3. Bandages Plus ToeBAND Bandages Plus ToeBAND

    Bandages Plus ToeBAND (2cm x 3.5m)

    The NEW Bandages Plus ToeBAND - a soft and light weight bandage featuring a durable, close-knit weave fabric with one-way stretch that provides effective medium compression for Lymphedema bandaging of toes
  4. Durapore Silk Tape

    3M Durapore surgical tape is a "silk-like" general purpose paper tape with strong adhesion which works well for many different applications
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4 Item(s)