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In treating Lymphedema, the use of compression bandaging is the main component of the initial "intensive" phase of complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", and is performed to reduce limb volume as part of a Lymphedema treatment program. (read more)

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  1. Gauze Roll

    The Ambra Le Roy Gauze Roll bandage is durable and strong, yet provides a soft and comfortable feel against the skin to provide maximum patient comfort
  2. Fabrifoam SuperWrap

    SuperWrap is an exciting breakthrough in adjustable compression and support therapy, allowing for a high degree of multi-directional stretch and support that is ideal for treating a wide range of injuries
  3. Fabrifoam ProWrap

    ProWrap offers good strength, a low-to-medium degree of two-directional stretch and is excellent for when a higher degree of strength and durability for heavier wear or support, and reduced stretch is required
  4. Fabrifoam NuStimWrap

    NuStimWrap™ offers a medium degree of two-directional stretch with adjustable compression and support to provide customized support around body contours and for joints such as wrists, elbows, ankles and knees
  5. Fabrifoam MediWrap

    MediWrap provides a low-to-medium degree of two-directional stretch with semi-rigid support useful for restricting mobility. An excellent alternative for traditional short-stretch compression bandages
  6. EZe-Band LF

    An orthopedic grade bandage knitted from the finest quality of yarns with dual closure to provide maximum control and consistent compression
  7. Elastomull

    Elastomull is a non-adhesive open weave gauze which can be used to wrap edematous fingers or toes, or used to secure padding and dressings
  8. EdemaWear Compression Stockinette

    Introducing EdemaWear® - utilizing new Fuzzy Wale Compression ("FWC") technology to provide enhanced lymphatic drainage .

    Read a case study on how EdemaWear® Compression Stockinettes have worked for people in their treatment of edema.

  9. Econo-Wrap LF

    An economically priced, light weight standard grade all-purpose bandage that provides balanced stretch and compression
  10. Durelast

    Durelast® is an extra short, short stretch compression bandage that may be used to provide exceptionally strong compression of the extremities
  11. Durapore Silk Tape

    3M Durapore surgical tape is a "silk-like" general purpose paper tape with strong adhesion which works well for many different applications
  12. Deluxe LF

    An orthopedic grade, latex-free reinforced elastic bandage which provides consistent compression and support
  13. Dauerbinde K

    Dauerbinde® K is a long stretch compression bandage that provides easily adjusted variable compressive power which is useful in supporting and relieving pressure when treating ligaments and joints
  14. Cover-Roll Stretch Adhesive Bandage

    Cover-Roll Stretch is a conforming cross-elastic non-woven adhesive bandage that provides light compression while delivering the same quality features as Cover-Roll
  15. Cover-Roll Adhesive Gauze Bandage

    Cover-Roll is a conforming adhesive gauze bandage which may be used to cover a primary wound dressing, the entire wound site or as a substitute for surgical medical tape for primary retention
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Items 31 to 45 of 59 total

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