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  1. Cover-Roll Adhesive Gauze Bandage

    Cover-Roll is a conforming adhesive gauze bandage which may be used to cover a primary wound dressing, the entire wound site or as a substitute for surgical medical tape for primary retention
  2. Cover-Roll Stretch Adhesive Bandage

    Cover-Roll Stretch is a conforming cross-elastic non-woven adhesive bandage that provides light compression while delivering the same quality features as Cover-Roll
  3. Cosmopore Island Dressing

    Cosmopore is a soft, 100% cotton absorbent adhesive dressing for superior wound management
  4. Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics

    A manual specially written to cover conditions and treatment of children through various Kinesio-Taping methods
  5. Solaris Versi-Face Swell Spot

    Designed to address swelling around the eyes. Also effective when placed under the chin, covering the neck, or rotated to cover mandible and cheeks
  6. Combine ABD Pad 5" x 9" (20/Bx)

    The Combine ABD pad is a highly absorbent dressing with a soft outer facing which wicks moisture away and into the cellulose core
  7. CureTape Tape Dispenser

    The simple hardened plastic dispenser is an ideal way to keep your CureTape® clean and organized.
  8. Sorbalgon

    Sorbalgon® is a soft, but highly absorbent Latex-free calcium alginate dressing that quickly forms a hydrophilic gel to protect and cover the wound bed
  9. Sorbalgon AG Silver Alginate Dressing

    Sorbalgon® AG is a soft, but highly absorbent latex-free calcium alginate dressing which contains silver, that quickly forms a non-adhering hydrophilic gel to protect and cover the wound bed, while maintaining a moist wound healing environment
  10. Circaid JuxtaFit Premium Shelf Strap

    The Juxta Fit™ Premium Shelf Strap was designed for use with the Circaid Juxta Fit™ compression wraps to provide additional support and coverage to any shelves or lobules that may be present, or to cover gaps caused by contours which appear on the treated limb
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10 Item(s)