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Knee High

Knee high compression stockings are a traditional means of providing compression and support to the lower leg in helping to manage and treat lower extremity Lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis ("DVT") and venous insufficiencies, or for simple swelling, tired and aching feet. (read more)

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  1. Jobst soSoft Knee High Stockings

    The Jobst soSoft knee high compression stockings are designed for fashion-conscious women - providing the look of patterned fashion socks, while incorporating physician recommended gradient compression
    From: $39.09
  2. Jobst Ultrasheer Diamond Pattern Knee High Stockings

    The Jobst® Ultrasheer Diamond Pattern knee high compression stockings were designed to provide style and elegancy for the image conscious woman
    From: $40.72
  3. Jobst Ultrasheer Knee High Stockings

    The Jobst® Ultrasheer knee high compression stockings provide ’fashionable’ good looks along with gradient compression for minor varicose veins and to provide relief for tired, achy legs
    From: $11.95
  4. Jobst For Men Knee High Compression Socks

    Jobst® For Men knee high compression socks keep feet dry while promoting continuous relief from tired aching legs and the discomfort associated with pronounced varicose veins and edema
    From: $19.15
  5. Jobst For Men Casual Knee High Compression Socks

    Jobst® For Men Casual knee high compression socks provide a comfortable "cotton-like" feel to help keep feet dry and cool, while having the look of a contemporary relaxed design stocking
    From: $39.09
  6. Jobst Men's Dress Knee High Socks

    Jobst® Men’s Dress knee high socks provide lightweight compression while being stylish and comfortable, making them ideal to wear for business and relaxed settings
  7. Jobst Relief Knee High Stockings

    Jobst® Relief knee high compression stockings provide the same effective graduated compression as more expensive garments but at an economical price
    From: $30.95
  8. Jobst Opaque Knee High Stockings

    Jobst® Opaque knee high stockings look like fine fashion hosiery, yet firm and shape while relieving tied and achy legs
    From: $39.09
  9. Jobst for Men Ambition Knee High Stockings

    The Jobst® for Men Ambition knee high compression stockings - designed to maximize performance, feel and comfort for the aspiring male in today’s active world
    From: $39.09
  10. Jobst Casual Pattern Knee High Stockings

    The Jobst® Casual Pattern knee high compression stockings - combining comfort and fashionable colors for every day wear
    From: $39.09
  11. Jobst SensiFoot Diabetic Socks

    Jobst SensiFoot was designed to satisfy the demand of professionals and need of patients for an effective diabetic sock
    From: $12.35
  12. Jobst ActiveWear Knee High

    Jobst® ActiveWear knee high support socks - combining effective leg therapy with energizing uni-sex athletic compression socks
    From: $39.09
  13. Jobst Sport Knee High

    Jobst® Sport was specially designed for active men and women who are looking for a long-wearing athletic sock that is soft, light-weight and breathable and yet one that provides the needed gradient compression for their daily activities
    From: $39.09
  14. Jobst Elvarex Soft Custom Knee High

    Providing distinct skin-friendliness and high wearing comfort, the Jobst® Elvarex® Soft flat-knit knee high compression stocking allows patients with Lymphedema to live life the skin-friendly and comfortable way
  15. Jobst Elvarex Custom Knee High

    Setting the standard for unsurpassed compression performance, the Jobst® Elvarex® flat-knit compression knee high stocking helps maintain reduced volume and limb shape by inhibiting fluid accumulation and assuring therapeutic results through effective compression
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Items 1 to 15 of 22 total

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