Micromassage Compression Garments For Lymphedema

Micro-massage shape wear compression garments are comfortable and stylish and feature patented fabric technology that massages the lymphatic capillaries as you move.

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While providing lower levels of graduated compression than traditional, medically rated compression garments, the patented 3D wave knit fabric of micro massage garments provides a gentle massaging effect that helps stimulate lymphatic capillaries which lie just beneath the skin, helping to support lymphatic drainage, just as nature intended.

Unlike the stronger, medically rated compression garments which may require a doctor’s prescription, over the counter micro massage compression garments may be purchased by anyone. The lower compression level of the micro massage garments makes it easier to put on, take off and more comfortable to wear. Combining ease-of-use, comfort and fashion-sense, the micro massage therapeutic compression garments not only help manage swelling caused by Lymphedema but are also provide beneficial results for those who suffer from Lipedema, are dealing with post-surgical recovery, or for those who embrace an active lifestyle.

As with any compression garment, a user should take care to protect their investment by using detergents that are specially formulated to help gently clean their garment, thereby helping to extend it’s life and effectiveness.