Compression Shorts For Lymphedema And Other Conditions

Targeting the abdomen and thigh area compression garment shorts provide lower levels of graduated compression than traditional medically rated compression garments and are great for everyday wear.

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The lower compression level provided by compression shorts makes them easier to put on, take off and more comfortable to wear. Due to their design, compression shorts help target and provide graduated compression to the lower abdomen and thighs, helping to keep muscles warm and to prevent muscle or joint strain and fatigue. The additional warmth and support provided by compression shorts also helps to relieve pain from post-exercise muscle stiffness and soreness. Most are designed with specialty fabrics that help wick sweat away from the skin, keeping the body dryer and helping to prevent chafing and rashes. They are an excellent choice for those who are at risk of developing Lymphedema, but also provides results for those who suffer from Lipedema, who are dealing with post-surgical recovery, or for those who embrace an active lifestyle.

Combine the use of compression garment shorts with your choice of a nourishing skin care product to help keep your skin, abdomen and legs looking and feeling fresh, soft and invigorated. Also be sure to protect your shorts by using a washing solution that is specially formulated to help gently clean their elastic fibers to help protect and extend their life.