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The phrase that "knowledge is power", which is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, a 16th century English philosopher and statesman, is never more true when it comes to an individual’s health. (read more)

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  1. Foldi's Textbook of Lymphology: for Physicians and Lymphedema Therapists

    Compiled by an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of lymphology, with contributions from leading experts, this textbook explores all aspects of lymphological science
  2. Clinical Therapeutic Applications

    A comprehensive book explaining the concepts theories and the newest applications of the Kinesio-Taping method
  3. Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling

    This book provides step-by-step methods and techniques in an easy to ready format of over 108 common and not so common applications
  4. Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics

    A manual specially written to cover conditions and treatment of children through various Kinesio-Taping methods
  5. CureTape - Lymph Taping Book

    This book covers the theoretical background of lymph taping in a concise and easily understandable form, explaining the technique of taping using anatomical-physiological and also pathophysiological explanation models in a way that trained lymph therapists will easily understand. The many case descriptions make this book a vital reference work for practitioners.
  6. CureTape - Medical Taping Concept Book

    The Medical Taping Concept® book was written for physiotherapists, doctors, orthopedists, sports coaches and masseurs, as well as non-medical practitioners. The author aimed to provide the material in such a clear and concise manner that the book can be easily used as a text or reference book.
  7. Vodder School International Bandaging Kit

    Complete bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema.
  8. Klose Training Arm Kit

    Complete Arm bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema.
  9. Klose Training Lower Leg Kit

    Complete Half Leg bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema.
  10. Klose Training Full Leg Kit

    Complete Full Leg bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema.
  11. Monarch Continuing Education Arm Kit

    Complete arm bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema.
  12. Monarch Continuing Education Leg Kit

    Complete leg bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema.
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12 Item(s)