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Kinesiology-Sports Tape

Designed to mimic human skin, Kinesiology-sports tape has roughly the same thickness and inherent elastic properties of the skin, being able to stretch up to 140% of its regular length. However, the tapes’ adhesive backings create a lifting effect on the epidermis which results in improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. (read more)

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  1. Pre-cut Kinesio Tape - Back application

    Kinesio® Pre-Cut Dynamic Back Support tape is a quick and easy method for supporting overstretched back muscles and providing lower back pain-relief
  2. Pre-cut Kinesio Tape - Foot application

    Kinesio® Pre-Cut Dynamic Foot Support tape is a quick and easy method for providing support to the arch of the foot and alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis
  3. Pre-cut Kinesio Tape - Wrist Application

    Kinesio® Pre-Cut Dynamic Wrist Support tape is designed as a quick and easy method to provide general wrist support and for treating carpal tunnel syndrome and to alleviate associated pain
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3 Item(s)