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Anita Unique Bodywear

For more than 50 years, Anita Care has specialized in medical compression garments designed to provide anatomically-perfected shape and ideal fit. The entire product line imparts a high degree of naturalness that enables women to feel confident and enjoy a high quality of life.(read more)

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  1. Anita Care Compression Bra

    Introducing the Model 1094 Compression Bra for women suffering from chest wall edema or those requiring post-operative care after cosmetic breast surgery - part of the Anita Care line of medical compression garments

  2. Anita Lymph-O-Fit Lymph Relief Bra

    The Lymph O Fit Lymph Relief Bra features a unique burled textured surface that provides a massaging and draining effect, as well as providing balanced, yet gentle compression to the breast and upper chest wall
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2 Item(s)