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Doff N Donner

The Doff N' Donner is more of a discovery than an invention and continues to reveal its capabilities each time a new or different task or technique is tried. The donning of compression garments has been a problem since the creation of the garments and not everyone has the strength nor help to properly "don" or "doff" the very tight garments. The Doff N' Donner was invented to resolve these issues. This phenomenal tool was developed to bridge the gap between the prescribed need of the patient to wear the garment and the ability of the patient to be compliant with the doctors' orders.

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  1. Doff N Donner

    The Doff N’ Donner is a unique and innovative device which allows patients to easily both, "doff and don" compression garments of all shapes, styles and compressions
  2. Ezy-As Garment Applicator

    The Ezy-As garment applicator helps to reduce the effort and pain of applying compression garments to both arms and legs, and provides independence for patients and caregivers who are otherwise unable to apply their garments
  3. Ezy-As Handle Attachment

    The Ezy-As handle attachments help patients who are unable to bend over or reach their feet when using the The Ezy-As garment applicator to apply compression garments, thereby providing greater independence to those who are otherwise unable to independently apply their garments
  4. Sock-eez Doffing Device

    Sock-eez™ is a unique and trouble-free garment remover that was designed to ease the frustration and pain of anyone who experiences the difficulty of removing compression hosiery or stockings
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4 Item(s)