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Hartmann USA

Hartmann USA develops and markets a complete range of high-performance product solutions in the areas of incontinence, compression and wound management. Hartmann USA's commitment to partner with healthcare professionals allows them to provide products that enhance patient quality of life and deliver clinical efficiency and efficacy across the continuum of care.

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  1. FlexiCol LF Hydrocolloid Dressing

    FlexiCol® is a latex-free, conformable and vapor permeable hydrocolloid dressing which provides excellent contact adhesion for quick and secure application while managing wound drainage through a combination of absorption and evaporation
  2. Proximel Basic Non-Border Foam Dressing

    Proximel® Baisc is a non-irritating three-layer foam dressing designed to absorb wound exudate and create and maintain a moist wound environment that stimulates healing of the wound bed, helping to reduce complications, enhance patient comfort and promote optimal wound care and healing
  3. Sorbalgon

    Sorbalgon® is a soft, but highly absorbent Latex-free calcium alginate dressing that quickly forms a hydrophilic gel to protect and cover the wound bed
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3 Item(s)