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With it’s uncompromising approach to making quality products, stemming from the understanding that most people requiring compression therapy garments have to wear them every day, all Juzo garments must adhere to the three basic standards of Comfort, Quality and Therapuetic Effectiveness, making it a well-known and respected name throughout the healthcare industry. (read more)

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  1. Juzo Seamless Compression Glove

    Treat your hand to seamless comfort - Introducing the NEW Juzo Seamless compression glove, which is not only therapeutic, but also provides outstanding comfort and a smooth appearance
  2. Juzo Dynamic Thigh High Compression Stocking

    While providing durable compression for maximum containment, the Juzo Dynamic Thigh High compression stockings offer the combination of an external durable fabric with an extremely soft internal feel for natural mobility along with maximum containment
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  3. Juzo® Dynamic Biker Shorts

    Juzo Dynamic Biker Shorts offer an off the shelf solution for people who need compression in the lower abdominal and thigh area
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3 Item(s)