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Lohmann & Rauscher

Lohmann & Rauscher ("L&R") is a multi-national medical conglomerate with over 160 years’ expertise of providing premium quality products to the global Healthcare community. Providing a diverse range of medical, nursing and hygiene products which exhibit extraordinary quality, excellent functionality and a high degree of therapeutic efficacy, is the hallmark of the Lohmann & Rauscher product line. (read more)

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  1. Suprasorb G

    Suprasorb® G is a "smart and cool" dynamic hydrogel wound dressing that provides moisture management, cooling pain relief and gentle autolytic debridement, all in one dressing
  2. Komprex Sheets

    The Komprex foam rubber sheets, are closed-cell, dense foam that when used in combination with other compression products, provides increased localized pressure that helps soften fibrosis and thickened skin
  3. Cellona Polster Adhesive Padding

    Cellona® Polster Synthetic Adhesive Padding is a very supple padding material with a gentle adhesive backing to ensure non-slip application and fixation of the padding
  4. TG Soft

    TG® Soft is a very soft and comfortable terry cloth tubular bandage that provides flexible padding for any body contour and is especially well suited for use as the first layer in Lymphedema bandaging to provide light padding and skin protection
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4 Item(s)