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Originally established in 1993 to provide educational materials and to supply products and services to patients, therapists and hospitals for the treatment of Lymphedema, Bandages Plus has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading independent distributors of compression therapy supplies. (read more)

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  1. Jobst Bella Lite Gauntlet

    The exceptionally soft Jobst® Bella Lite compression gauntlet is the ideal choice for the management of mild to moderate Lymphedema of the hand
  2. Jobst Bella Lite Arm Sleeve

    The exceptionally soft Jobst® Bella Lite compression arm sleeve is the ideal choice for the management of mild to moderate Lymphedema of the arm
    From: $57.35
  3. Jobst Men's Dress Knee High Socks

    Jobst® Men’s Dress knee high socks provide lightweight compression while being stylish and comfortable, making them ideal to wear for business and relaxed settings
  4. Jobst for Men Ambition Knee High Stockings

    The Jobst® for Men Ambition knee high compression stockings - designed to maximize performance, feel and comfort for the aspiring male in today’s active world
    From: $39.09
  5. Activa by Jobst Men's Knee High Stockings

    Introducing Activa® graduated compression legwear from Jobst® -  A full-featured line of high quality, value priced compression hosiery for men and women. Activa® Men’s Casual and Dress knee high stockings will make you look as good as they feel!
    From: $20.61
  6. Jobst SensiFoot Diabetic Socks

    Jobst SensiFoot was designed to satisfy the demand of professionals and need of patients for an effective diabetic sock
    From: $12.35
  7. Juzo Dynamic For Men Knee High Compression Stocking

    Juzo Dynamic ‘For Men’ knee high compression stockings - offering the same incredible features of regular Juzo Dynamic, but specially designed to fit the unique needs of men’s feet
    From: $39.59
  8. Mediven For Men Classic Knee High Compression Stocking

    Mediven® For Men Classic compression sock features an ultra-modern broad ribbed design for a classic, yet fashionable look, while providing a soft, supple and smooth feel for all-day wearing comfort
    From: $20.78
  9. Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton Knee High Stockings

    Sigvaris ‘Sea Island’ Cotton (220 series) knee high stockings - knitted from the world’s rarest cotton, for a fashionable look combined with a soft, luxurious feel
    From: $32.76
  10. Sigvaris All Season Merino Wool Knee High Stockings

    Sigvaris ‘All-Season’ Merino Wool (240 series) - made from the highest quality, extra-fine Merino wool which provides soft, itch-free year-round wearing comfort
    From: $32.76
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10 Item(s)