Jobst Elvarex Soft custom thigh high compression  stockings

Jobst Elvarex Soft Custom Thigh High

Magnide donning aid by Arion

Magnide Donning Aid

Juzo Soft Compression Arm Sleeve in Printed Patterns

Juzo Compression Sleeves: Arm Sleeves For Lymphedema

The Juzo Signature Collection of Compression Garments For Lymphedema - Juzo Compression Sleeves in Printed Patterns

Manage your lymphedema in ’Signature‘ style with the Juzo 2000 series (Soft) compression sleeve for arms that are now available in fashionable and fun Printed Patterns to match your personal tastes and wardrobe needs! Made from the softest of Juzo’s fabrics to help comfortably manage mild to moderate arm lymphedema, these Juzo arm sleeves effectively combine functionality and fashion requirements while providing needed compression for the management of lymphedema.

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juzo-soft-arm sleeve-print pattern