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All Natural

Relying on "Mother Nature", creams and lotions created with all natural ingredients help keep skin naturally moisturized and healthy. (read more)

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  1. Lymphoderm Body Lotion

    Specially formulated to meet the needs of Lymphedema patients, Lymphoderm is an all natural daily skin care lotion which protects, nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes
  2. Lymphoderm Bathing Solution

    Botanically based and rich in anti-fungal properties, the all-natural Lymphoderm Bathing Solution is specifically formulated to heal, nourish and protect all skin types
  3. Royal Bee Skin Healing Cream - 8oz

    Made from a proprietary blend of honey, royal bee jelly, aloe vera and a native American herbal mixture, Royal Bee Skin Healing Cream is an all natural multi-use body skin cream that solves dry skin problems
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3 Item(s)