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Being the Leader in compression therapy supplies, Bandages Plus continuously strives to offer the newest and most comprehensive product selection to help you achieve maximum therapeutic results. (read more)

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  1. CompreFIT™ Compression Wrap

    The CompreFIT™ BK "below the knee" compression wrap from BiaCare is the preferred compression choice for many due to its affordability, ease of use and effective, non-elastic performance. Ideal for lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency and post-operative edema
  2. JoviPak® Rehab Ankle Wrap Jovi Jacket

    Designed to be worn over the JoviPak® Rehab Ankle Wrap garment for added variable compression that addresses both joint protection and edema management, while directing excess fluids away from the injury site and into the lymphatic transport system for rapid healing
  3. FarrowWrap® OTS Arm Compression Wrap

    The NEW FarrowWrap® OTS Arm compression wrap - a simple yet effective solution to control upper extremity Lymphedema and other edema
  4. JoviPak® Bellisse® Pad

    The Bellisse® pad is a comfortable, foam-filled pad that conveniently fits in the inner pocket of the Bellisse® Compressure Comfort® bra and covers the affected breast completely, protecting sensitive tissue and directing lymph flow around the torso, across the spine and toward the unaffected axilla
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4 Item(s)