Gauze Bandages

Gauze Bandage Rolls, Wraps, And Pads

The gauze bandages that we carry aren’t your drugstore gauze bandages! Our selection of compression gauze bandages have been chosen because they’re ideal for wrapping fingers, toes, and other body parts. The gauze bandages are often included as part of a multi-layer compression bandaging system that’s used to treat lymphedema, edema, and other medical conditions.

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Available in rolls, wraps, and pads, the compression gauze bandages have a loose-weave structure that makes them easy to apply, yet provides continuous support and pressure without constriction.

The compression gauze bandages are extremely soft, which makes them feel comfortable against the skin as they provide a gentle, uniform pressure.

Our Selection Of Compression Gauze Bandages

Our selection of compression gauze bandages includes:

  • Elastomull gauze bandages
  • Mollelast gauze bandages
  • Raucolast gauze bandages
  • Transelast Classic gauze bandages
  • Conco gauze bandages
  • non-sterile gauze bandages

Different Types Of Compression Gauze Bandages

We have gauze bandage rolls and gauze bandage wraps.

Gauze Bandage Rolls: Gauze rolls are great for securing foam pads and padding, as well as wound dressings. We have gauze bandage rolls in a variety of widths, including 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches.

Gauze Bandage Wraps: Gauze wraps provide stable, effective fixation and immobilization during lymphedema therapy. The high degree of elasticity in the gauze wraps helps them remain secure, even on the most difficult areas of the body to treat.

Uses For The Compression Gauze Bandages

The compression gauze bandages have many uses, including:

  • wrapping fingers
  • wrapping toes
  • edema reduction
  • minor sprains and strains
  • soft-tissue injuries
  • securing wound dressings

For more information about our gauze bandages, please call (800) 770-1032, or e-mail