Swell Spots & Pads

Swell Spots And Pads For Lymphedema

We have swell spots and pads for multi-layer compression bandaging for lymphedema. These types of swell spots and pads are often used to help provide targeted compression in areas that are difficult to treat.

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Swell spots and pads for lymphedema are uniquely designed to address the needs associated with providing coverage and targeted pressure and compression to specific body areas and contours. Swell spots and pads are an important part of a lymphedema treatment or management program.

Swell Spots And Pads For Targeted Pressure And Compression

When managing lymphedema with compression bandaging and therapy, it may be necessary to address cases of excess swelling or fibrosis, (which is a hardened area under the skin), with extra compression that is targeted to a specific body area or contour.

Swell spots and pads have been developed to address this need and may be used in combination with short stretch compression bandages during CDT (complete decongestive therapy) as part of a multi-layer compression bandage, or afterwards during ongoing lymphedema management. The swell spot or pad can be tucked into a compression garment or compression wrap and positioned where extra pressure is needed.

Swell spots and pads are available in many shapes, sizes, and designs to match the contours of the body area that requires extra compression. Whichever type of swell spot or pad is used, the goal is to create localized, targeted pressure that can break up the areas of concentrated and stagnant protein-heavy lymph fluid, in order to help create a softer skin area.

Our large selection of swell spots and pads includes:

  • round swell pads for lymphedema
  • oval swell pads for lymphedema
  • half-circle swell pads for lymphedema
  • curved swell pads for lymphedema
  • crescent-shaped swell pads for lymphedema
  • chip pads for lymphedema
  • hand pads for lymphedema

For more information about our swell spots and pads for lymphedema bandaging, please call (800) 770-1032, or e-mail info@bandagesplus.com.

How To Use Swell Spot Pads For Lymphedema

Swell spots and swell spot pads for lymphedema are used in conjunction with compression garments and compression wraps (including compression bras and compression camisoles). They’re typically tucked into positions where extra pressure is needed and/or to address areas of the body that are hard to decongest.

How Do Swell Spots Work For Lymphedema

Swell spots and swell spot pads work for lymphedema by targeting swelling and fibrosis. They also can prevent compression “hot spots” by diffusing pressure points.

When Are Swell Spots Used

Swell spots and swell pads are typically used for the treatment and management of lymphedema and edema. They can also be used help break down fibrosis and scar tissue after a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery.

Other Names For Swell Spots

Swell spots are also sometimes referred to as: swell spot pads, swell pads, foam padding, lymphedema pads, edema pads, fibrosis pads, and chips.