Laser Therapy For Lymphedema

Low Level Laser Therapy For Lymphedema

RianCorp LTU-904 Laser

Laser therapy is a simple, painless and effective solution for post-mastectomy lymphedema.

We’re pleased to carry the LTU-904 low level laser device, manufactured by RianCorp. This laser device is the only laser that’s been cleared by the FDA for post-mastectomy lymphedema treatment after cancer. The lightweight handheld laser can be plugged in or operated on its rechargeable batteries (up to 5 hours of continuous use).

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The benefits of low level laser therapy for post-mastectomy lymphedema include:

  • immediate pain relief at the time of the laser treatment
  • rapid reduction of inflammation and swelling
  • reduced arm volume
  • reduced extra-cellular fluid in the arm
  • significant softening of hard fibrosis
  • reduced scar tissue and scarring
  • shorter recovery times
  • improved mobility
  • improved quality of life

Low level laser therapy can also be effective for the treatment of:

  • slow healing skin wounds
  • tendon injuries
  • muscle soreness
  • ligament strains and sprains
  • fibrous lesions

For more information about our lower level laser for lymphedema, please call (800) 700-1032, or e-mail