Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive Elastic Bandages And Wraps

Cohesive bandages are lightweight, durable, and perfect for a variety of medical applications. These self-adhesive bandages can be easily torn by hand or cut, and they adhere to themselves. Quick, simple, and easy to apply, cohesive bandages eliminate the need for tape, clips, pins, scissors, and special dispensers!

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Cohesive bandages can provide the controlled, consistent compression you need, and they conform to all body contours. This type of elastic bandage is soft and breathable and will stay securely in place.

While cohesive bandages stick to themselves, they won’t stick to skin, hair, or wound beds. This makes the bandages ideal for sensitive or traumatized areas, as well as wet environments in which tape can’t be used effectively. The adhesive properties on cohesive bandages make them water resistant and slip resistant.

Our Selection Of Cohesive Bandages

Our selection of cohesive bandages includes:

  • Co-Lastic cohesive bandages (latex-free)
  • Medi-Rip cohesive bandages (latex free)
  • Coban cohesive bandages
  • Peha-Haft cohesive bandages
  • latex-free cohesive bandages

Uses For Cohesive Bandages

The uses for cohesive bandages include:

  • prevention, management, and treatment of lymphedema and edema (in conjunction with foams, padding, and other bandages)
  • phlebology applications
  • sports medicine
  • treatment of fibrotic tissues
  • treatment of sprains and strains

For more information about our cohesive bandages and cohesive wraps, and surgical tapes, please call (800) 770-1032, or e-mail