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Bandaging Accessories

Having to manage Lymphedema is bad enough, but managing all of the products which are required to do so can be an overwhelming process in itself. Luckily there are several accessories which are available to help make this process a little easier. (read more)

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  1. EZ roller

    Manually operated device for re-rolling bandages.
  2. Plastic Bandage Winder

    Manually operated device for re-rolling bandages
  3. WrapEASE

    The power-generated WrapEASE electrical bandage re-roller saves time and effort, providing for quick and easy bandage re-rolling
  4. 2-EZ Tape Measure

    The 2 EZ Tape Measure provides an easy and accurate way to take circumference measurements of an arm or leg with just a single hand
  5. Accumeasure Tape

    Tape is marked at 4cm intervals for easy Limb Volume Measurments
  6. Medical Examination Gloves - Vinyl

    High quality, powder-free vinyl medical examination gloves provide effective patient and practitioner protection for a variety of healthcare applications
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6 Item(s)