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Knee High

Knee high compression stockings are a traditional means of providing compression and support to the lower leg in helping to manage and treat lower extremity Lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis ("DVT") and venous insufficiencies, or for simple swelling, tired and aching feet. (read more)

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  1. Alba Care Sox

    Care Sox by Alba Health are soft and oversized, 100 percent cotton socks for diabetics that fit loosely to promote better circulation for the diabetic foot
  2. ExoCustom - Toes to Below Knee

    The below-the-knee ExoCustom flat-knit daywear compression garment is made to your exact measurements to offer you a superior personalized fit for providing therapeutic compression for daytime management of Lymphedema and other swelling
  3. Juzo Silver Knee High Compression Stocking

    Juzo Silver knee high compression stockings - knitted with the highest level of pure silver, making them ideal for those with complicating factors such as recurring infections, ulcers and skin breakdown issues
    From: $74.79
  4. Juzo Circular Knit Custom Knee High

    With the Juzo® circular knit custom garments, patients are able to obtain the gradient compression they need, combined with an exact comfortable seamless custom fit that they deserve
  5. Juzo Flat Knit Custom Knee High

    The Juzo® flat knit custom garments are ideally suited to help patients manage severe cases of Lymphedema, venous conditions, and burn/scar management with the gradient compression they need, combined with an exact comfortable custom fit that they deserve
  6. Medi Forte Knee High

    Mediven® Forte - the strongest round knit model available from Medi for managing lower extremity Lymphedema
    From: $81.59
  7. Medi Flat Knit Custom Compression Knee High Stocking

    The Medi® flat knit custom toe caps are the ideal solution for providing the required gradient compression along with an exact, comfortable fit for an individual’s unique need to help manage Lymphedema and other edemas
  8. Rejuva by Medi Houndstooth Compression Stockings

    Give your outfit a touch of vintage sophistication with this stylish Houndstooth pattern which evokes an air of timeless sophistication and ensures that you will never go out of style
  9. Rejuva by Medi Solid Compression Stockings

    Featuring, extra padding on the heel and toe box, and a quality compression profile, the Rejuva® Solid knee high stockings are simple, soft and super comfortable - there’s not much more you can ask for!
  10. CEP Old Glory Compression Socks

    Featuring the iconic colors of the American Flag, the CEP® Old Glory compression socks pair pride in the country with innovative technology
    From: $18.95
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